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Minieri & Company Boutique Digital Marketing Agency

About Us

Minieri & Company is a boutique digital marketing agency. We provide modern, cutting-edge marketing solutions to companies who are too small to have their own in-house marketing department. Our clients are typically companies that range between $250K to $10M in annual revenues. While many of our clients are local to the Charlotte metro area, several live in other states across the USA as well as Canada. Recently, since the launch of our BOOST marketing software app, we began working with a larger number of small businesses, self-employed folks and startups.

Real World Experience

Our track record in entrepreneurship and marketing gives us a very unique perspective when working with our clients. We approach marketing as entrepreneurs and focus on building marketing systems and assets that get our clients customers, help them rank higher online and help them stand out in the crowd of competition.

ROI Based Marketing

Many of our clients find us with their marketing systems outdated, ineffective or non-existent. Our “Marketing Makeover” reboots your brand and gets you on track with a modern marketing machine and sales funnel system that drives customers, leads and traffic to your business. Once your marketing foundation is set, we provide ongoing management of your marketing systems and content deliverables to increase business for you. In marketing, ROI is key and Minieri & Company is here to ensure your marketing systems are producing results for your business.

Peace of Mind

Marketing in 2019 is complex and many business owners find it to be a very confusing and frustrating part of business. Our goal is to be your marketing partner and to take the marketing of your business off of your plate. We deliver peace of mind that this complex, but crucial, part of your company will be well managed and will bring you new customers, help you rank higher online, and help you stand out in the crowd.


Our reputation in entrepreneurship is extensive. Our CEO, Thomas Minieri, is a long standing, active member-elect of the Young Entrepreneur Council and an active member of 12 Mavens CEO circle. We are connected with our local community and are members of the Union County and Matthews, North Carolina chambers. We take pride in our work and look forward to exceeding your expectations!


Our relationship with you is outlined in an easy to understand scope of work agreement that is based on specific deliverables and projects. Our scope of work agreements for ongoing work are monthly in nature and may be cancelled for any reason with a simple 30 day notice. Doing business with us is transparent and orderly. Our goal is to develop a long term business relationship with you based on trust and mutual success.

A Special Offer

As a special offer for new prospective clients, we will conduct a complimentary marketing assessment of your business and put together a free two to four page Marketing Plan for you! Call or text (980) 221-2700 and let us know when you would like to schedule a time to meet with us at your business!

About BOOST™

Rocket to the Top with BOOST™ by Minieri & Company! Are you ready to get more customers, rank higher online, and stand out in the crowd? Call or text us at (980) 221-2700 to get started with our BOOST™ marketing management software!

Digital Marketing


Search engine optimization, social media marketing, paid ad campaigns, blogs, sales funnels and landing pages! Oh my! Even the best business owners can quickly become overwhelmed with today's ever changing digital marketing landscape. Don't lose sleep over it. Instead, click here for clarity and connect with us to stay on top!

Content Marketing


Content Marketing is the process of creating media assets that promote your business and attract interested prospects through engaging copy, video short productions, social media posts and blog articles. Marketing assets are money well spent as they help to emotionally connect prospective customers to your brand.

Graphic Design


Let us bring your company to life with highly creative and marketing effective logos and graphic design elements. Our team of designers and artists will create the perfect logo, color palette and marketing materials to help your brand stand out from the crowd and build unique culture and presence.