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Thomas Minieri, CEO

Thomas Minieri is an American entrepreneur, innovator and artist. He founded his first company at the age of 25 with only $30 to his name. Within three years his company surpassed half a million dollars in annual revenue and in 2013 he was inducted into the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC.co) after his company surpassed the $1 million dollar in annual revenue benchmark for two consecutive years. By 2017, his company exceeded $10 million in lifetime sales and Thomas decided it was time to sell so as to pursue other interests. Thomas largely attributes his company’s success to his creative and innovative approach to marketing and technology, which became the foundation of his latest venture, Minieri & Company!

Thomas is a native of New York and has lived in Maine and Boston. Today, he lives in Charlotte with his wife Elizabeth and their daughter, Abigail. Elizabeth is a professional spokesmodel, beauty and lifestyle influencer, and fulltime mom to Abigail. Thomas has been featured in Forbes, Business2Community, Inc and more. He is an active member of the Young Entrepreneur Council and 12 Mavens.


Promoting Entrepreneurship in America


The YEC is an exclusive invite only organization for founders under 40 whose companies have exceeded $1 million in annual revenue. If you have reached these entrepreneurial milestones, then contact Thomas Minieri today and he’ll help you to get connected!


12 Mavens is an invitation only inner circle and community of CEOs and entrepreneurs who want to scale, grow revenue, increase profit margin and expand the amount of time available to do the things they want to be doing. Want more information? Contact Thomas Minieri here!

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