Angel Investing for Startups & Expansion

Minieri & Company Angel Investor in Charlotte, NC

If you are considering starting a new business or if you already have a business and are looking for a local angel investor to partner with you, call or text (980) 221-2700 to connect with us! Minieri & Company offers creative and innovative solutions for helping you get your concept to market. We are marketing and brand experts with a track record of business success in multiple industries.

What is an Angel Investor?

Angels are private equity firms or individuals who invest their own money in startups or existing business concepts with the goal of making a return, making a difference, or both!  While Angels typically focus on new businesses or startups, some may work with a company seeking expansion.

What is the benefit to partnering with an Angel?

Most businesses require startup capital to get going. In today's digital marketing driven business landscape, it has become increasingly difficult to bootstrap a business without at least some startup capital. A proper website or e-commerce platform, marketing systems that actually produce customers, paid advertisements, as well as the first few months of startup expenses are just some of the expenses new entrepreneurs must be able to manage. That said, an Angel Investor can help by providing startup capital and business expertise that save time and money.

How do I find out if partnering with Minieri & Company is the right move for me?

Every business situation or concept is unique and should be evaluated on a case by case basis. We are partners with very small business owners, e-commerce companies, up to national franchise brands. Give us a call or text us at (980) 221-2700 to discuss if an Angel partnership with Minieri & Company is the right fit for you and for us!

Get Started Today!

Are you ready to get more customers, rank higher online and stand out in the crowd? If so, the Minieri & Company would like to offer you a marketing and sales consultation free of charge to you! We visit you at your business, get to know you, tell you about us, then discuss how we can help you accomplish your business goals. Call us at (980) 221-2700 to schedule your consultation today!