BOOST™ by Minieri & Company

Marketing & Reputation Management Software

Minieri & Company is proud to announce the launch of our latest marketing resource, built just for you! BOOST™ by Minieri & Company allows entrepreneurs the ability to dominate their online presence, get more customers and stand out in the crowd by building a rockstar reputation! Here’s what BOOST™ can do for your business:

Search Engine Management & SEO

BOOST™ connects your business with over 75 of the top search engines and directories, ensuring your business content and contact information is current and consistent across the Internet. Easily add and manage SEO, Key Words and online photos and mass publish with the click of a button! Did we mention backlinks? The number one SEO play is to create backlinks on high traffic sites. With the click of a button, BOOST™ gets a link to your website on over 75 top sites!

Review & Reputation Management

Online reviews are crucial to the success of any business today. High numbers of positive reviews attract the attention of search engines and customer, pushing your listing higher and higher in the rankings. Whether you have a negative reputation, no reputation or need to get ahead of the competition, BOOST™ is the tool that turn your company into an internet powerhouse!

Social Media Management

Your BOOST™ platform links multiple social media feeds giving you quick access to post content, read or write comments, and to connect with customers with ease. Store media and add important SEO key word tags with ease! BOOST™ makes social media marketing much more efficient, effective and consistent!

Statistics & Analytics

Gain insight with easy to read analytics linked from Google Analytics, search engines, and social media platforms. Graphs and charts show you detailed information on the performance of your online marketing efforts, all from the convenience of your BOOST™ platform! Ready to get started? Give us a call to rocket your business to the top with BOOST™ by Minieri & Company!

Launch BOOST™ Today!

Rocket to the Top with BOOST™ by Minieri & Company! Are you ready to get more customers, rank higher online, and stand out in the crowd? Call or text us at (980) 221-2700 to get started with our BOOST™ marketing management software!


Rocket to the Top with BOOST™ by Minieri & Company! Boost search listings, get found on 75+ directories, become a reputation champion by sending review invites to customers, rock social media, and gain awesome insight with analytics! Call us today to BOOST™ your business!