Graphic Design, Logo Creation & Brand Building

Stand Out from the Crowd

A professionally executed brand identity is crucial to your organization’s success. There are several components that are needed in order to create a brand that resonates with customers and employees. Visual elements such as a logo, color scheme, fonts and images are all part of building brand recognition. A marketing message or specific call to action can also make an impact on people who engage with your company. It’s all about connection. People want to connect with a company and with the people who are a part of the company. Customer and employees are drawn to companies with a strong brand, especially if they believe in the overall mission and vision for the organization. Our favorite foods, beverages, automobiles, clothing, mobile devices and sports teams are all strong brands and make us feel connected and included. Every company needs a brand image. Even a small business or one-man-show has customers and workers and owners (you) who need to feel connected to it.

Minieri & Company Brand Building

Partnering with us to assist you in your brand building efforts is a smart choice. We have the unique ability to create brand identities for national companies and for small businesses and startups alike. We created unique photography, video productions, beautiful graphic design elements, sales presentations, sales posters, brand related artwork, and online and print advertisements. All of our work is highly effective, resonates with customers and employees, and creates a positive return on investment for your company regardless of size.

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