Graphic Design, Logo Creation & Brand Building

Real World Experience

The Planet Ballroom® brand and the exceptional digital and content marketing system that was built for it was the contributing factor that launched Minieri & Company into the successful marketing agency it is today. Partnering with this company allowed us to demonstrate our unique ability to create a national brand from scratch by developing highly creative design and marketing elements in a wide range of mediums. We created unique photography, video productions, beautiful graphic design elements, sales presentations, sales posters, brand related artwork, and online and print advertisements. All of our work was highly effective, resonated with customers and employees, and created a positive return on investment for the company in very short period of time.

Advanced Design, Brand Concepts and Media

Below are a variety of samples that Minieri & Company created for the national brand Planet Ballroom® between 2008 and 2017, as well as samples from a few of our current clients. Included are beautiful, highly creative event posters, logo concepts, brand posters, sale presentations, and original artwork. These various samples demonstrate our expertise in helping turn your company into a brand powerhouse!

Planet Ballroom®, the Planet Ballroom logo, and Inspiration, Energy & Glamour® are registered trademarks of Planet Ballroom International, Inc. All rights reserved. All content is original, protected under copyright laws and is property of Planet Ballroom Int'l, Inc. Any use without Planet Ballroom Int'l, Inc. written consent is prohibited.

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Minieri & Company Logo Animation Video

In this cool behind-the-scenes video, we demonstrate how we brought the Planet Ballroom logo to life by directing and choreographing dancers to act out the logo silhouette. Let us help your company stand out with cool content like this!

Planet Ballroom Logo Revision

Minieri & Company headed up the Planet Ballroom’s brand revision in 2017. This awesome animation was created from the logo we designed. This awesome video was used as a marketing piece to demonstrate the company’s new vision! These animated clips make great openings for promotional videos.