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Content marketing is comprised of a creative combination of video productions, visual advertisements, blog articles, and social media posts. Statistics show that social media users prefer engaging with advertisements that are professional in quality, contain attractive visual content, and are informative in nature. Regular professional and strategic content posts to social media have also been proven to push search rankings higher for businesses. Let's create some awesome content for you and your business today! Call for details!

Are your competitors social media savvy?

If so, you need to update your business with modern content assets such as video shorts, video product reviews, informative blog posts, and engaging social media posts. Professional visuals and copy can make all the difference with how prospects perceive your brand.

What's the date on your last blog post?

If it's six months or older, you are in desperate need of help! Posting and creating content can be very time consuming and requires at least some media expertise. If you don't have the time or expertise, then contact us today to help you get your business back on track and competitive in our modern marketing world!

Are you posting selfie style videos or is your video content professional?

It's fine to send grandma selfie style videos of the kids, but when it comes to your business, a professional presentation is required. No one wants to see you take low quality videos with your phone while sitting in your car. Our expert team of videographers can manage regular video content for your business for a rate that is very budget friendly. Call us today for a quick chat on how we can help!

Marketing Assets

A Content Marketing plan by Minieri & Company means that your business will have marketing assets! Assets have value and are useful and are always a smart investment. They help prospects understand your vision, your products or services, and your unique offering. Take an assessment of your business now. How many marketing assets do you have?

  • Modern, Responsive Website
  • Video Content for all Products or Services
  • Video Content for your Vision/Brand
  • Professional marketing message (see Direct Response Marketing)
  • Blog with Recent, Regular, and Engaging Posts
  • Professional Social Media Posts (emphasis on "professional")
  • Regular Video Content for Events, News or Stories

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Real Estate Drone Video

Our video and photography team knocks out amazing content for our realtor clients! For real estate professionals, we offer custom websites with IDX integration, email marketing campaigns, and regular content posts to help you gain followers and sell properties!

Spokesmodel Hosted Video

We are fortunate to have such amazing talent right here, in-house! In this promotional video, our spokesmodel, Elizabeth, captured the charm of the event! If you aren't great in front of a camera, let us speak on your behalf and promote your brand for you.

Promotional Video

This more traditional promotional video was shot on scene. Our talent story-boarded, scripted, and voiced the narration. Showcase your company or non-profit with our creative video productions, visuals, and copy!


We have tons of fun filming clients! You never know what'll happen when the camera is rolling! In this blooper collection, our good friend Dr. Arriviello gives us a few laughs as he tries to get through his material.

Even professionals get their lines mixed up some times! Here, our spokesmodel, Elizabeth, forgets what's she supposed to say. Good times at Minieri & Company!