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Content marketing is comprised of a creative combination of written publications, video productions, visual advertisements, blog articles, and social media posts. Statistics show that social media users prefer engaging with advertisements that are professional in quality, contain attractive visual content, and are informative in nature. Regular professional and strategic content posts to social media have also been proven to push search rankings higher for businesses. So, what are you waiting for? Let's create some awesome content for you and your business today!

Are your competitors content savvy?

If so, you need to update your business with modern content assets such as creative, sales oriented copy, video shorts, video product reviews, informative blog posts, and engaging social media posts. Professional visuals and copy can make all the difference with how prospects perceive your brand.

What's the date on your last blog post?

If it's six months or older, you are in desperate need of help! Blog posts area a great way to connect with customers while boosting organic rankings. Posting and creating content can be very time consuming and requires a certain level of proficiency to be effective. If you don't have the time or expertise to do your own copywriting, then contact us today to help you get your business back on track and competitive in our modern marketing world!

Are you posting selfie style videos or is your video content professional?

It's fine to send your parents selfie style videos of the kids, but when it comes to your business, a professional presentation is required. No one wants to see you take low quality videos with your phone while sitting in your car. Our expert team of videographers can manage regular video content for your business for a rate that is very budget friendly. We storyboard, script and produce high-quality video content for our clients to help their businesses stand out while connecting with customers. Call us today for a quick chat on how we can help!

Marketing Assets

Did you know that strategic blog posts, strategic social post and video content are business assets? Assets have value, gain value over time and are always a smart investment. They help prospects understand your vision, your products or services, and your unique offering. Strategic blog posts, strategic social posts and video content get better with time as more and more people read or watch them, increasing in their online reach. A Content Marketing plan by Minieri & Company means that your business will have marketing assets. Take an assessment of your business now. How many marketing assets do you have?

  • Modern, Responsive, Mobile Optimized Website
  • Video Content for all Products or Services
  • Product or Service Photography
  • Video Content for your Vision/Brand
  • Engaging Brand and Design Elements
  • Professional marketing message (see Direct Response Marketing)
  • Blog with Recent, Regular, and Engaging Posts
  • Professional Social Media Posts
  • Regular Video Content for Events, News or Stories
  • Sales Funnels, Lead Capture and Lead Cultivation Systems

Get Started Today!

Are you ready to get more customers, rank higher online and stand out in the crowd? If so, the Minieri & Company would like to offer you a marketing and sales consultation free of charge! We visit you at your business, get to know you, tell you about us, then discuss how we can help you accomplish your business goals. Call us at (980) 221-2700 to schedule your consultation today!

Communicate with engaging Minieri & Company COPYWRITING


Our Latest Publication: Fatal Startup Pitfalls

Many people start their first business starry-eyed and with high hopes of success, only to be rattled when things get tough or don't go as expected. My experiences as a successful small-business-owner-turned-franchisor have allowed me the opportunity to not only learn from my own business experiences but also to learn from our franchisees' experiences...

Capture Attention with Minieri & Company Photography

Minieri & Company Original Photography


This gorgeous shot was taken by Thomas Minieri on a cool summer afternoon in the picturesque town of Ogunquit, Maine. The image was later edited to accentuate color and lighting. The final product is a beautiful work of art!

Articles & Publication Content

Showcase Products with Minieri & Company Video Content

Minieri & Company produces high quality and creative content for purchase as stock images or stock video on various media licensing sites. Here is a sample of a favorite video we shot on a tranquil horse farm in Waxhaw, North Carolina.

We are fortunate to have such amazing talent right here, in-house! In this promotional video, our spokesmodel, Elizabeth, captured the charm of the event! If you aren't great in front of a camera, let us speak on your behalf and promote your brand for you.

This more traditional promotional video was shot on scene. Our talent story-boarded, scripted, and voiced the narration. Showcase your company or non-profit with our creative video productions, visuals, and copy!