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If you are a business owner who wants to experience greater levels of success and growth from your marketing, then look no further! Minieri & Company specializes in effective and efficient digital marketing strategies for self-employed folks, small businesses, retail stores, restaurants, manufacturers, e-commerce brands, and service businesses. It's important to remember that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for digital marketing. Every industry is different and every company within an industry has its own personality that makes it unique from competitors. Here are some tidbits to help get you started.

Search Engines & SEO

Search engines seek relevancy. They want to match a user's search with the most relevant and up-to-date information available. If you don't have regular, strategic and properly crafted content, posts, blog articles, vlog videos, press releases and website updates then you run the risk of falling in placement on search engines. Think of it like this: if you don't produce regular content, then the searches don't know if you are still in business. On the flip side, if you blast weekly content, then they know you are open and ready for business - today! In addition to content, a strategic search engine optimization (SEO) plan is crucial for success when marketing on the internet. Creating backlinks on high traffic websites as well as utilizing tags and key words on your own website, blog and social posts all aid in building a solid SEO and organic search strategy.

Minieri & Company Content Marketing

How can we help you rank higher online?

Minieri & Company manages our client's SEO, business listings, websites, blogs, vlogs, and social media accounts to ensure your marketing assets are optimized for organic and map searches. In addition, Minieri & Company content marketing solutions blast out interesting and engaging content for humans to read and for search engines to notice.

Rocket to the Top with over 75 backlinks on Top Search and Directory Sites!

Video Productions

Videos are a fantastic way to communicate with your customers. People resonate with videos more than images or text, which means nearly every business needs video content to stay competitive. Videos can easily be embedded on websites, emails, blogs or social media channels allowing them to become a key part of your marketing message.

How can we help you get affordable, regular video content for your company?

Minieri & Company scripts, shoots and produces a wide range of video content for our clients such as promotional videos, video shorts, product videos and interview videos. Additionally, we can build and manage your own video channel which can be connected to your SEO strategy and/or your paid advertisement campaigns. Want to monetize your videos? Ask us how we can turn your videos into profit streams by renting or selling them, or by collecting advertisement income.

Minieri & Company Video Productions

Paid Advertisements vs Organic

To pay or not to pay, that is the question. Paid ads on searches and social platforms can be a powerful tools in helping you get more customers. If you have built a proper marketing system for your company and you have fine tuned your target market, it may be a good idea to invest in paid advertising as it can bring you a positive return on investment if managed properly. The key is that it's managed properly! If you haven't figured out your target marketing or if you haven't established an effective marketing message for your company, paid advertising can be beneficial. Paid ads can help you discover and define your target market and see what key words people use to find your products or services. This can provide you with valuable marketing data that can be used to improve your campaign. However, if not managed properly and without those goals in mind, you can end up burning through lots of money catering to the wrong market and/or using the wrong message. Again, it's all in the management.

Minieri & Company PPC Account Management 

The paid ad and pay-per-click (PPC) experts at Minieri & Company have managed successful campaigns across the United States for local and for national brands. Your ads are in good hands with us! Contact us to chat to see if paid advertising is the right move for your business.

Social Media Marketing

Surprisingly, the same platform that delivers the world's most popular cat video right to your phone can also be one of the most powerful business marketing tools in your arsenal! While posting just for the sake of posting often shows little or no results, a well managed social marketing campaign can produce positive results for your company by helping you engage prospects and push them down your sales funnel toward becoming a customer who purchases something from you!

How can we help you utilize social media's reach to gain more customers?

Minieri & Company produces strategic and engaging content that we post on our clients' social accounts. Proper content helps generate new prospects, while keeping your brand fresh in the mind of your current followers. As mentioned above, we also manage our clients' paid advertisement campaigns on social platform, which for some, are very powerful tools for targeting niche markets.

Getting Started!

If you have questions about other digital marketing topics or if you still don't understand how all of this goes together for your success, please contact us today! We love helping our clients achieve their business goals through successful marketing strategies and tactics. Digital marketing concepts can be very confusing, so don't feel bad if you don't understand some or any of the above content. The exciting digital age we all live in brings constant changes and keeps even the best marketers on their toes. Call (980) 221-2700 today and let's chat!

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