Direct Response Marketing

Direct Response Marketing | Successful Marketing Strategies

Direct Response Marketing is a marketing strategy that encourages prospects or potential customers to make an immediate response from an advertiser's offer. Successful offers often exclude requiring the prospect to make a purchase and instead focus on relationship building. Let's say you sell classic cars for a living. Here are two examples you may use in marketing your classic car business.

Example 1

1966 Corvette Sting-Ray for Sale!

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Example 2

One of Kind 1966 Corvette Sting-Ray for Sale!

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The first advertisement will only get a response from people who want to buy the Corvette today. This would be a very limited pool of people. You may get a buyer, but the advertisement has no lasting value. The second advertisement would still evoke a response from someone who wants to buy the Corvette now, but also captures a much larger audience of people who are interested in classic cars, not ready to buy this car, but may be buyers in the future. It's easy to track new subscribers which gives data on the success rate of the advertisement.

One of the main benefits of having a successful Direct Response Marketing campaign is that they not only generate large pools of prospect leads, but also cultivate those leads over time. The majority of prospects take time to become customers. If you only focus on prospects who want to buy today, then you are missing a huge opportunity for long term growth and success.

How can we help you build a Direct Response Marketing campaign?

Several technical components are typically needed to build a proper and functioning Direct Response Marketing campaign. Multiple marketing assets (such as the business website, landing pages, sales funnels, a customer database, and email marketing campaigns) need to be working in unison. Contact us today to discuss your specific situation! For reference, take a look at our affiliate company, Makeup & More. This business generates dozens of new subscribers monthly. The marketing message for the business is not to make immediate sales (although that often happens), but instead to encourage prospects to subscribe and connect with the business owner, Elizabeth.

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