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About King Tut Properties, LLC

“Beauty, passion and creativity are hallmarks of King Tut Properties,“ says company founder, Thomas Minieri, who established the brand in 2009 as a commercial and retail remodeling and holding company. Since that time, King Tut Properties has expanded to include residential and commercial rental services, historic renovations, and interior design.

King Tut Properties got its name after company founder, Thomas Minieri, visited the King Tut exhibit on tour in Atlanta, Georgia in 2009. A fan of ancient history, Thomas thought the name sounded fitting, especially since Elizabeth is of Middle Eastern and Egyptian decent.

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In 2011, Thomas Minieri saw a hidden gem in a dilapidated historic property in Matthews, North Carolina. 365 sleepless nights later, his vision came to fruition and life was once again brought back to this amazing building! King Tut Properties creates beauty and art through dynamic and innovative real estate endeavors.