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If you are new to marketing or haven't had much success with your marketing efforts in the past, then you've come to the right place! Minieri & Company is here to help you achieve your business goals through proper and modern marketing strategies that will produce measurable results for you and your company!

There are numerous misconceptions in the world of business, especially when it comes to marketing. Many business owners who have not had positive results from their marketing efforts get a bad taste in their mouth about marketing in general. Some new business owners are fearful of spending money on marketing as they don't seem to really believe it will work. Below are a few common misconceptions that we hope you overcome as they may be holding you back from achieving your true potential as an entrepreneur!

What is marketing?

Marketing is the strategy you use for getting your ideal target to know you, like you, and trust you enough to become a customer.

Marketing doesn't really work or it at least it doesn't work in my industry.

There are known and proven strategies in marketing that can be effective in any industry if executed properly. If you aren't experiencing success with your marketing efforts, then you simply aren't doing the things that work. It then becomes a matter of finding what works for your company! We often test a few strategies with our new clients to see what works best, what doesn't work at all, and everything in between. Once we have a handle on the proper strategy, then we move forward full steam ahead!

Having the best product or service is all I need. My business will grow through word-of-mouth.

Having a great product or service, even the best in your industry, isn't enough for success as being the best is a customer retention plan, not a customer acquisition plan. Relying on your current customer base to spread the word about your company moves far too slow for most businesses to achieve success. Plus, word-of-mouth is not measurable nor is it under your direct control.

I don't have a marketing plan. Do I need one?

If you want to operate a successful company, then you really do need a marketing plan. Many business owners get by without one, but those are often the owners whose businesses are stuck in an endless plateau of mediocrity. Business is tough enough; you should do what you can to be as successful as possible. Besides, if your product or service really is that good, then you should do everything you can to let society know about it!

Minieri & Company has first hand experience building successful businesses, operating them, then selling them for a profit. We understand the full range of business success and are passionate about helping fellow entrepreneurs achieve their business goals through successful marketing, which is the key component to making real money from your enterprise. Call (980) 221-2700 today to chat with us about your marketing efforts, frustrations or goals!

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