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From doctors and dentists to surgeons, therapists and veterinarians, Minieri & Company digital marketing agency offers expert marketing and promotion solutions for your medical and health center. With years of experience delivering unprecedented results for our healthcare and wellness provider clients, Minieri & Company is the choice to take your medical practice to new heights! Here’s a sample of what Minieri & Company can do for you:

  • Create a dynamic and attractive medical brand that will differentiate you from your competition, contracting the often bland and cold vibe many medical offices portrait.
  • Produce engaging and informative content that will promote new patients as well as keep current patients connected to your practice.
  • Greatly increase the numbers of bookings and phone calls you receive using advanced targeting and remarketing strategies on social media and search engines.
  • Rocket your practice to the top of the busy medical practice list with volume positive reviews.

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Website & Design

Minieri & Company beautifully designed, responsive websites captivate customers, are fully mobile optimized, highly user-friendly, and load virtually instantly. Business today moves at the speed of light and you deserve nothing less than a well-crafted website that keeps up with technology and customer demands and produces positive ROI for the organization.


Digital Marketing

Search engine optimization, social media marketing, paid ad campaigns, blogs, sales funnels and landing pages! Oh my! Even the best business owners can quickly become overwhelmed with today's ever changing digital marketing landscape. Don't lose sleep over it. Instead, read up on the latest trends and connect with us, your marketing partner, to stay on top!


Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the process of creating media assets that promote your business and attract interested prospects through engaging publications, video short productions, social media posts and blog articles. Content assets are money well spent as they help to emotionally connect prospective customers to your brand.