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Video Productions

In recent months, main social platforms and search engines decided it was time to give video content a higher rank than text content. This is good news if you know how to produce and edit your own videos. This is bad news if you are like the majority of business owners and don't know how to make professional videos or don't have the time to mess with it.

How can we help you get affordable, regular video content for your company?

Minieri & Company shoots and produces video short content for our clients. Video shorts are perfect for our short attention span prone culture as they deliver interesting information about products or services in a short time frame. Video shorts keep things engaging and personal and can reasonably be produced by us for our clients on a regular monthly basis.

Videos are an Asset!

Like much of the media we produce for our clients, videos are marketing assets. Videos are able to be used for years and provide significant benefit to business owners who utilize them on a regular basis as they improve communication, product/service understanding and sales.

Samples Below

Below are but a few samples from our video library. We produce and shoot a very wide range of video content for our clients based on their specific needs, from video shorts, to promotional videos, to internet commercials. Give us a call today to discuss how Minieri & Company video marketing can benefit your company!

Get Started Today!

Are you ready to get more customers, rank higher online and stand out in the crowd? If so, the Minieri & Company would like to offer you a marketing and sales consultation free of charge! We visit you at your business, get to know you, tell you about us, then discuss how we can help you accomplish your business goals. Call us at (980) 221-2700 to schedule your consultation today!

Real Estate Drone Video

Our video and photography team knocks out amazing content for our realtor clients via drone! Real estate as well as many other businesses benefit from more advanced filming techniques.

Spokesmodel Hosted Video

We are fortunate to have such amazing talent right here, in-house! In this promotional video, our spokesmodel, Elizabeth, captured the charm of the event!

If you're a bit camera-shy, then let us speak on your behalf! Spokesmodel hosted videos are a great choice!

Promotional Video

This more traditional promotional video was shot on scene. Our talent story-boarded, scripted, and voiced the narration. 

Minieri & Company Logo Animation Video

In this cool behind-the-scenes video, we demonstrate how we brought the Planet Ballroom logo to life by directing and choreographing dancers to act out the logo silhouette. Let us help your company stand out with cool content like this!

Minieri & Company Logo Animation Concept Video

Minieri & Company headed up the Planet Ballroom’s brand revision in 2017. This awesome animation was created from the logo we designed. This awesome video was used as a marketing piece to demonstrate the company’s new vision! These animated clips make great openings for promotional videos.

Company Goodwill

Here's a simple example of a Fourth of July video that we can create for you to help promote goodwill or to celebrate special moments with your customers and the public. 

Video Short Bloopers!

We have tons of fun filming clients! You never know what'll happen when the camera is rolling! In this blooper collection, our good friend Dr. Arriviello gives us a few laughs as he tries to get through his material.

Even professionals get their lines mixed up some times! Here, our spokesmodel, Elizabeth, forgets what's she supposed to say. Good times at Minieri & Company!