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Minieri & Company provides expert website design services for businesses, non-profits, individuals, and e-commerce stores. Our responsive websites are fully mobile ready, highly user-friendly, and load virtually instantly. Business today moves at the speed of light and you deserve nothing less than a beautifully designed website that keeps up with technology and customer demands.

Website & Brand Image

Many of our clients come to us with dated websites. We often rebrand their business with a fresh new design and color palette, updated logo, graphic design elements, and video content. The samples below demonstrates our creative approach to bringing your brand to life.

Key Website Features to Choose

  • Mobile Optimized, Responsive
  • Fast Load Times
  • User Friendly Interface
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Key Words
  • Blog, Social Media Links and Videos
  • Email Marketing, Subscription Setup, Lead Capture
  • E-Commerce with Marketplace Integration
  • Appointment Integration
  • Online Payments (Paypal, Square, etc.)
  • Map/Location/Geo Integration
  • Reputation/Reviews Integration
  • Real Estate Agency IDX

Return on Your Investment

Remember, your website is a marketing tool and asset and should produce a return on your investment just as you would expect from your other marketing assets. We design your website to compliment your overall marketing plan and strategy.

About BOOST™

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Personal Website Sample


Elizabeth Minieri, Makeup & More is the place to shop for amazing makeup and beauty lifestyle products for women. Elizabeth Minieri is a retired celebrity ballroom dancer, former Miss and Mrs. South Carolina, professional spokesmodel, influencer, and full-time mom. Check out her personal business page here!

E-Commerce Sample


Check out our latest venture in the fashion industry! Minieri brand apparel is our new family label clothing line set to launch in Spring of 2019. Our e-commerce website is still under construction, but you can follow along with our progress to see how it turns out. We are excited to dive into the fashion industry and are equally excited to help you launch your own e-commerce business!

Need an Angel?


Looking for an Angel Investor to help you with your startup or business expansion? Many startups fail to implement proper marketing and business systems due to lack of knowledge or lack of funding or both. Early mistakes can cost you everything. Get off on the right foot with Minieri & Company as your partner! Click for details.